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Look Good for You.

Valentines day special_001

Opens spotify on my cellphone and clicks “My Daily Mix” and hears the sound coming through my speakers of  Selena Gomez- Good For You   swaying my hips to the beat and running my hands through my hair letting it slide through my fingers to the tips of my nails. There is nothing absolutely wrong with being sexy and practicing the skills of seduction for later use *Giggles*  In preparation for the holiday of love , i stopped by a few places to check out what sexy new items were being released and i found tons of goodies. Dont hesitate to stop by and check some out for yourself. 

Seduced in: 

  • Hair : +Spellbound+ Nap Queen Frou Frou
  • Choker: Eclat – Velvet Choker – Eclat
  • Necklace : 7;] Fuck Love – Gold  (Previously Blogged ) – SEVEN
  • Rings & Bracelet: Amala – The Jacqueline Hand Bracelets, Amala – The Jacqueline Stacking Rings  – UBER
  • Lingerie : [Cynful] Lucid Dreams Lingerie Set – Berry – Frou Frou
  • [Cynful] Lucid Dreams Garter + Fishnet – Berry – Frou Frou
  • Shoes : Phedora. ~ Jennifer heels ~ The Kinky Event

Valentines day special_002Valentines day special_004Valentines day special_006Valentines day special_008




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Waiting. Ready. Willing.


His voice tone stern and deep  commanding me to sit in the chair, 

He commands me to sit and wait for Him, following His directions i sit slowly, patiently waiting for His return. As He returns to the room, He tells me to stand and points across the room to the wall where He wants me to stand and tells me to touch myself to see if i’m ready for Him to explore me. Teasingly, i lick my finger with one hand slowly while looking at His serious gaze at me .. “Ready Daddy ” … 



What i’m wearing : 


  • ::GB::Lace corset (smokey purple) – GABRIEL
  • ::GB::Lace pants (smokey purple) – GABRIEL


  • Yuniku – Ready Bento Pose – Yuniku
  • Yuniku – Waiting For You Bento Pose – Yuniku